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40520 «IoT, Technology and Protocols»


40530 «IoT Need for a new Business view»

The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” has created both new smart services and economic opportunities for industries, businesses and communities. IOT is a new emerging technology which connects objects (things) through the Internet for remote sensing and actuation.


40410 «LTE Air Interface»


40415 «LTE Protocols and Procedures»

The course covers the LTE RAN protocols and procedures.


40352 «HSPA+»


40215 «GSM RAN signaling»

The course describes the signaling protocols between nodes within GSM Radio Access Network (RAN). 

40247 «GPRS SIgnaling»


40000/1 «introduction to Telecom – Part 1»

This course covers the wide area of Telecom, including both traditional Telecom and Datacom and provides a basic understanding of today’s complex world of telecommunications and information. 

IoT, Internet of Things

Voice over LTE, VoLTE

WCDMA/HSPA Planning and Dimensioning