40000/1 «introduction to Telecom – Part 1»

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This course covers the wide area of Telecom, including both traditional Telecom and Datacom and provides a basic understanding of today’s complex world of telecommunications and information. It will help participants to understand typical network solutions and customers business situation as well as future trends.

Due to its basic level the course can be considered as the first competence step for participants wishing to understand telecommunications. A number of bearer networks is described. These networks can be used to carry voice data and multimedia services in an expanding and increasingly competitive market. Traditional circuit-switching technology, represented by the PSTN, ISDN and the traditional PLMN, is being challenged by packet-oriented networks, such as PLMN (GPRS, HSPA, 4G) and IP. The trens is towards all IP solutions and pcket networks. 5G is also covered briefly

It creates a new situation in the telecom business - a situation characterized by convergence.


Learning objectives

This course presents the history, the networks, terms and acronyms and theories that are applicable to various networks.

The basic areas to be covered are:

  • History and present situation
  • Telecommunication concepts and Networks
  • Different network solutions and the convergence trend
  • Standards and protocols
  • Open System Interconnection, OSI
  • Stratification
  • Analog to Digital (A/D) Transmission
  • PCM basics
  • End user needs and Services
  • Operators’ business situation
  • Transfer Modes
  • Transmission concepts and media
  • Transmission techniques and transport networks
  • Different Switching technologies
  • Trunk and access networks
  • Network Intelligence
  • Signaling
  • Network management
  • IP communication
  • Interworking
  • Network Planning


Target audience

This course is useful to operators or vendors staff with a background in the telecom or datacom area.

It is very helpful to newly recruited staff because basic telecom concepts are taught step-by–step

Marketing people can take advantage of this course as they need to speak to customers in a “common language” and understand the basic telecom concepts

Due to convergence between Telecom, Datacom and Media industry it is necessary that people in management staff will understand the current trends and the problems due to this convergence. For the managers is necessary to know the possibilities of their network and the steps to be taken towards a future network. The instruments needed for this understanding, the basic technical descriptions, and also to a certain degree the market behavior is provided in this course



No entry requirements

Duration and class size

The recommended length of the course is 3-5 days depending on the participants’ background. The maximum number of participants is 16


Learning situation

This course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons given in a classroom environment.