40530 «IoT Need for a new Business view»

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The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” has created both new smart services and economic opportunities for industries, businesses and communities. IOT is a new emerging technology which connects objects (things) through the Internet for remote sensing and actuation. The IOT technology is revolutionizing the smart healthcare sector, energy sector, smart cities, smart buildings, agriculture, smart transportation systems, smart security sectors, e-governance system etc.

The Internet of Things, also referred to as the Industrial Internet, IIOT, the Internet of Everything, IOE, or Industry 4.0 and  is seen as the next global or fourth industrial revolution.

In this course a short introduction of IOT is done and the IOT ecosystem is explained, Market and the market trends are presented and IOT challenges and opportunities Business model are explained. During the course we are going through the Kickstarters and crowdfunding platforms concepts and the IOT business model followed by the IOT strategy and how to align IOT to Business and Product Strategy. Trends and analyses regarding IOT are presents and applications and solutions are discussed.

It is becoming obvious that due to IT transport network the demands on privacy and security are rising. Solutions regarding privacy, integrity, security and the ramifications that IoT is having on society today as well as the rules from standard bodies is covered and discussed.


Learning objectives

Up on completion of this course the participants will gain comprehensive knowledge about marketing terms for Internet of Things and become familiar with concepts like IOT trends and analyses, IOT business model, IOT strategy privacy, security. The course content is described below

  1. IOT Ecosystem

    • IOT Introduction
    • IOT Applications
    • IOT Ecosystem
    • IOT Ecosystem players
    • IOT Deployment and Management
    • IOT Winners


  2. IOT Challenges and Opportunities
      • IOT Complexity & Opportunity
      • IOT The Challenges
      • IOT Verticals
      • Big Data (Trends-Tables)
      • Big Data Analytics (Solution, Statistics , analyses)
      • Threats
      • How to make money with IOT
      • The convergence of everything digital
      • Trends and Future plans for Telcos
      • IIOT
      • NFC
      • WSN
      • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
      • Data Virtualization
    1. IOT Business
      • Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms
      • Business Model
      • Understanding the cost to deliver your IOT solution
      • Customer in Mind
      • Evolution and Opportunity
    2. IOT Strategy
      • A Strategist’s Guide to the Internet of Things
      • IOT Strategy
      • Summary of operator strategies
      • IOT Integration into Business Processes
      • Aligning IOT to Business & Product Strategy
      • IOT Solutions
      • Trends and analyses
    3. IOT Application and Business Modell
      • Data managers
      • Utilities
      • Municipalities
      • Mobile App Integration Services
      • Enterprise Mobility and cloud services
      • Social Media vs. Smart Mobile
      • Social Networking
      • Value chain and Business models
      • Cases:
      • Scenario Transportation
      • ITS
      • Convergence of IT and Automation
      • Smart factory of the future
    4. IOT Privacy and Security
        • Privacy and security
        • European Privacy Directive
        • Protective Architecture
        • Criticism controversies and Political Ramifications
        • Privacy, Autonomy and Control
        • Environmental impact
        • Lifecycle solution management
        • Authentication/authorization framework for the Organization’s IOT Deployments
        • Encryption
        • Tunneling
        • Networking and Information Security
        • End-to-end security
        • Enterprise Security Infrastructure
        • Criticism controversies and Political Ramifications Future IT


      Target audience

      The target audience for this course will learn about the dynamics of the IOT markets, technology, trends and analyses, IOT business strategy, privacy, integrity and security. The course attendees can be marketing managers, entrepreneurs municipality personnel working with planning of a “smart city”, hospital HR and equipment responsible etc. that want to learn about state-of-the-art IOT applications. Since IOT has an impact on any aspect

      Since IOT affect every aspect of our life the course can be useful for anyone with interest in new technology and applications and their impact on the market.



      No entry requirements besides technical education at college level or similar experience


      Duration and class size

      The recommended length of the course is 2 days depending on the participants’ background. The maximum number of participants is 16.


      Learning situation

      The course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons given in a classroom environment.

      The course can be customized and only the part of interest can be delivered according to customers wish.


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