40346 «WCDMA RAN Dimensioning»

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UTRAN Transport Dimensioning Principles is a technical course intended for mainly technical personnel and engineers already familiar with the WCDMA principles and transport technology (ATM, IP).

Dimensioning of transport network is not easy and depends mostly on QoS of the supported services over RAN. This course includes several techniques to analytically calculate expected bandwidth over UTRAN interfaces using either ATM or IP.

At the end case studies and exercises will be used ti illustrate the basic principles of dimensioning.


Learning objectives

On completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  1. UTRAN overview
  2. UTRAN services
  3. ATM technology overview
  4. IP/Ethernet technology overview
  5. Iub, Iur and Iu over ATM dimensioning
  6. Iub, Iur and Iu over IP/Ethernet dimensioning
  7. Case studies  - analytical exercises

Target audience

Technicians, Radio Planners, engineers working with different subjects (Service Planning, Design, Network Design, Network Deployment, Service Deployment, System).



The participants should be familiar with general telecom technologies.

Knowledge of WCDMA technology is helpful


Duration and class size

The recommended length of the course is 3-4 days depending on the participants’ background. The maximum number of participants is 16


Learning situation

This course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons given in a classroom environment.